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Troy Baily

Personal Overview

Based in Elkhorn, Nebraska, Troy Baily is an experienced and passionate individual with over 20 years of background in the financial services industry.

Troy has firsthand experience in witnessing the destruction that estate taxes, family feuds and sudden tragedies can bring to family farming and ranching operations. As a result of witnessing these calamities, Troy dedicated his life to preventative planning techniques. He took this newfound passion and turned it into a successful business, CBL Wealth Advisors, an independent financial firm helping individuals combat and plan for any retirement risks they may face and most recently has co-founded Premium Plus Advisors. The newfound business specializes in working with professionals, pre-retirees, business owners, high net-worth families, foundations, and those looking to create legacies for the future.

Troy and his teams work closely with their clients to form strategic, well-thought-out plans designed specifically for their circumstances. By taking a detailed look at current financial life and eventual goals, CBL Wealth Advisors assists clients in making decisions about retirement, taxation and estate planning. These advisors ensure their clients are not being scammed out of or missing out on any benefits they are legally required to receive. Throughout his experience and knowledge on the subject, Troy Baily has formed a well-respected company with a top-notch reputation.

Troy’s wife Marti also works with him at CBL Wealth Advisors. Together, the two of them have formed a professional working environment with a proven track record of helping clients achieve the future they’ve always dreamed of. In addition to owning a business together, the couple also shares four sons – Taylor, Trevor, Tucker and Travis. They enjoy traveling to see their sons, watching them pursue their goals and supporting their passion for athletics. 

In addition to their work both as financial advisors and as parents, Troy and Marti also passionately serve their community and church. They especially enjoy giving back financially as they reflect on the ways in which they have been blessed. 

Troy is truly passionate about his work. He approaches each day with joy in the fact that he gets to use his talent and expertise to help others. As a man of his word, Troy puts in the necessary small steps every day in order to achieve his goals. He helps others recognize the small steps they must implement into their own lives and walks alongside them to help them meet those long-term goals. The biggest payoff from his job is being able to observe the journey of his clients and how they are now able to live in more financial freedom.

To learn more about his expertise in the industry and tailored advice, be sure to visit Troy Baily’s blog page and follow along for continual updates.


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