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If you are just starting out with freshwater fishing, you may feel overwhelmed by the options that are available for tackle. Here are five best tackles for freshwater fishing by new anglers.

1. Rods

The fishing rod is the most essential piece in your freshwater fishing tackle box. It is the foundation for the reel, line, bait, lures, and hooks that you will use. Start by thinking about the types of fish that you want to catch and how you want to fish. Some of the most common types of fishing rods for freshwater are:

  • Casting for trolling
  • Fiberglass for flexibility and “bend”
  • Spinning for trolling
  • Telescopic for fish that are strong fighters
  • Carbon fiber for incredibly precise casts for fishing around debris

2. Reels

Once you have your rod, the next item to add to your tackle is the right type of reel. Some of your options are:

  • Fixed spool
  • Bait casting
  • Open-bail spinning
  • Closed spin casting

3. Line

The last thing you want when freshwater fishing is line that breaks when you have a fish on the hook or that is too heavy and cumbersome. Fishing line is sold by weight that lets you know the breaking point of the filament. A line that is graded at six pounds will likely break if your fish is larger. Solid line is available at six to 12 pounds. Be sure that the line matches the capacity of your rod and reel plus the weight of the fish you expect to catch.

4. Bait and Lures

As you fish more in freshwater, you will collect a range of baits and lures. There is a strong learning curve for each location, fish species, and even personal preference. When you are first starting out, ask other anglers what they use. You will find that they love sharing information about bait and lures, but not so much about their secret fishing spot.

5. Hooks

Lures come with hooks, and the only time you need to choose your own hooks is when you plan to fish with bait. Choosing the best hook depends on the fish species, as well as what methods you use for freshwater fishing. Again, this is a great opportunity to talk with experienced anglers.