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You can do more for your community and the causes you care about by bringing your charitable interests into the workplace. This will help get everyone in your organization involved, while also raising awareness around important causes. If you’re unsure about how to get the ball rolling, here are a few ideas.


Set Up a Collection Jar

One of the simplest ways of raising funds for a charity or cause is to set up a collection jar in a high traffic area. You can place a jar or small bucket in a reception area or another public setting to allow customers to leave some change or a couple of dollars. Be sure to create a label for the jar or bucket that gives the basics about the cause you’re trying to help. You can use your own printer to create a sign or label that contains engaging information and images.


Organize a Run

You can encourage your co-workers to make healthier lifestyle changes by organizing a run for your favorite charity. Each person that chooses to participate in your charity fundraiser will have to sign up people to sponsor their run. Sponsors might pledge .50 cents per mile or pledge a flat fee for completing the run. You can also encourage your family members, friends, and others in your community to participate in the run.


Set Up a Raffle

You can give something back to your co-workers or employees as you benefit a worthy cause by organizing a raffle. Find out if you can arrange extra days of paid time off for the winner. You can also go to other businesses in the area to see who else would be willing to donate prizes. If you get enough donations, it may be more worthwhile to offer the raffle to anyone in your community rather than only selling tickets to your co-workers. However you choose to arrange the raffle, be sure to let everyone know a little something about the cause it’s intended to benefit.


Even if you’re not a business owner or a manager, you can still promote charity in your workplace. Talk to your team leader or manager about your ideas. When you can present ideas that won’t require the business to redirect capital to the project, the organization’s management may be more open to your ideas. Once you begin raising money for your causes, they may feel encouraged to get more involved.