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troy baily What Younger Generations Want from Leadership

Today’s young professionals expect more from their leaders and are more demanding of them regarding professional development. This is why it’s important that the workplace features a variety of essential elements that help them develop their professional skills.

Young professionals want a clear path toward higher professional development. This is very important for businesses as it allows them to maintain a strong sense of community, develop a culture, and keep their employees engaged.

Empowerment and Independence

Young professionals want their space and freedom to express themselves and accomplish their work without being restricted. As a result, they expect their managers to step aside and allow them to find their own purpose in the job. One participant noted that their managers should allow them to explore their options and find their calling.

Being empowered allows young professionals to be responsible for their own authority. They will not abuse this power, and they will work hard to maintain their loyalty to their boss. This is because they are socially conscious and will not compromise their integrity. Some level of accountability is expected, but millennials don’t want to be micromanaged.

Advancement Opportunities

A survey conducted by Gallup revealed that 87% of young professionals consider professional or career growth opportunities as very important when it comes to their job. Unfortunately, many young professionals cannot find their ideal positions due to the lack of clarity regarding their expectations for advancement. This is why it’s important that the website features a variety of essential elements that help them develop their professional skills.

It’s surprising to many employers that expectations for advancement vary widely from one company to another. Even though it’s important for your boss to consider it, your expectations don’t necessarily have to be the same at all companies. Employees are left to wander aimlessly without being told what to expect.

Clear expectations are very important for employees as it allows them to work harder and improve their understanding of the company’s overall strategy. It also allows employers to manage their expectations and provide honest discussions about their advancement opportunities.


Although task delegation is still an important part of a company’s operations, feedback is also important. As the culture of person-centered leadership continues to change, it’s important that employees receive honest feedback.

Having regular communication is also very important for young professionals as it allows them to take it to heart and improve their skills. According to a study conducted by the Gallup organization, they are more likely to remain engaged if they receive regular feedback.

Feedback is also a great way to improve employee efficiency and performance. It can be delivered in a way that’s constructive. You must also let them know if they’re doing well and then explain how they can improve.